Pinch Waggoners July 2019 Announcement

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Pinch Transportation is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with the Waggoners Trucking, Co to combine its respective LTL operations throughout North America.

This merger will help to ensure that all our customers will continue to receive the highest levels of service and will be able to take advantage of additional service offerings. It is the intent of management to retain 100% consistency in the services that you are currently receiving. The integration period necessary to bring these two operations together will take some time, but please rest assured that every effort will be made to make sure that you are able to continue to work with all of those that you have enjoyed working with for many years.

This combination will enable Pinch customers to take advantage of several new terminal locations and LTL schedules. The Waggoneers operation includes multiple service points that Pinch currently does not. These terminals include Williston, Casper, Calgary, Dallas and Edmonton. Pinch’s LTL, Intermodal and Hot Shot customers will immediately be able to benefit from this expanded footprint. Similarly. The Waggoners customers will now have access to other service offerings such as intermodal services and hot-shot services. Most importantly, however, all of the highly skilled and valued employees and drivers from both organizations will retain their employment.

The transition to become one company will take some time. And in the coming weeks our team will be reaching out to you to ensure all your service needs are continuing to be met. In the meantime, we have created a special email address should you have any inquiries related to the merger;

On behalf of both organizations, we thank you for your business and loyal support. We believe that this merger will strengthen our business and enable us to continue to provide a very high level of service to all our customers fro many years to come.


Dan Massalone

President | Pinch Transport |